Protect your confidential files by encrypting them into one



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Many users are very protective of the information and files they store on their computer, so much so that by habit they usually make backups so they don't lose their data under any circumstance.

If in addition to preventing possible loss you want to make sure that no one except you has access to that information, BCArchive is the program of your dreams.

BCArchive is a file and folder compressor that allows you to store any type of information that you have stored on your PC into a single password-protected encrypted file.

BCArchive offers a ton of alternatives when choosing the encryption algorithm, and in addition allows you to assign more than one password for the same file or use public passwords to share the content of the encrypted file with a certain number of users.

Among the benefits, in addition to privacy, are the compression of file size and the ability to open files on any computer, whether or not it has BCArchive installed.
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